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Come one, come all, to the 2000 Multiverse Crossover fanfest!  This year, it's being hosted here at [community profile] multiverse5000 .  It's a prompt-style festival.  Any fandoms are eligible, provided that they have space travel and/or aliens, and that the works produced focus on the spacey stuff.  (IOW, stories about Honor Harrington leading the fleet into battle against the Empire: good.  Stories about Honor Harrington and Jack O'Neill kicking back on a beach somewhere may also be good, but not for this fest.)  All fanworks are permitted: fics, vids, icons, art, etc.

From now until May 15, you can submit prompts (this does not obligate you to participate in any other way).
Each prompt will be assigned a posting date, and will be up for grabs starting May 15.
Posting will begin June 15.

Honor Harrington is the only milSF book fandom that's been used in the past, but it's open to all.