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Title: Mike's Introduction
Author: [personal profile] aoifes_isle
Fandom: Honor Harrington - David Weber
Series: Mike's Honor (Discussion Page DW/LJ)
Rating: PG-13
Character(s): Honor Harrington, Michelle Henke, Nimitz
Relationship(s): Currently pre-relationship, will be Honor/Michelle
Spoilers: On Basilisk Station, The Honor of the Queen & The Short Victorious War
Author's Note: Through the link!
Summary: Takes place parallel to the main story ... a sort of AU, with only small changes at first ... if a section of canon fits in, I'll indicate. Some of it won't, but some will. Mike gets back to HMSS Vulcan in time for HMS Fearless's relaunch.

And another guest, one she'd invited but had known couldn't attend.