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A few months back I made my first icons, out of Honor Harrington book covers. (Nothing fancy, just cropping them to 100x100, pretty much.) In the process, I discovered that the French editions are coming out with some absolutely gorgeous cover art, that I want as wall art. (You can see the originals here, at the artist's deviantart.)  And going back and checking revealed several more covers that weren't there last time I checked! So. Here are nine more HH icons.


French Cover of the first volume of War of Honor
beatrice_otter: Honor Harrington--Flag in Exile. (Honor Harrington)
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I just made my first icons ever!  Not bad, with only Paint and the utility that comes with my digital camera.  I have all of the American covers except the original Field of Dishonor, I think (because I loathe that cover).  Two of these were made for me by my mother a while back.  And I used some of the French covers because the new artist they have doing them is awesome, seriously, they should put those babies on the American editions.  All are shareable, please comment and credit.


On Basilisk Station     At All Costs cover     French cover of Flag in Exile

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To kick us off, I'll repost some of my old Ender's Game icons. There are four army icons and some quotes.

( Follow the fake cut. )
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