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fanworks & discussion on military science fiction

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Name:Fanworks & Discussion on Military SF
Website:Military Science Fiction (Wikipedia)
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Starfighters: Fanworks & Discussion on Military Science Fiction

All genres and storylines welcome, from games to movies and television to books.

We encourage posting of:
  • Fanworks (fanfiction/fanart/icons and other graphics)
  • Discussion or review of the books/movies/television series
  • Discussion of the science behind starflight technology, alien races, or military strategy
  • Picspam/Recs

Criticism and reviews of canon works are also accepted, though please remember to keep it civil. Do not give a full critique on fanworks unless it is asked for.


  • Cut and flag content that is NSFW
  • Only post three icon previews and keep the rest behind a cut/link
  • Please tag entries or PM [personal profile] syntheid if you would like a tag added
  • Cut images wider than 450px
  • Cut and warn for spoilers
  • Use the fanfic submission form to post fanfic



Leave feedback or questions at the feedback thread!
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